My brain comes up with inspiration at the most inconvenient of times...

My roommate Tesla Coil, a writer, has these things she calls "Plot Bunnies." Basically these plot bunnies are little tidbits of ideas and inspiration for her writing that hop around in her brain until she writes them down.

I've got something similar, but for a crochet pattern. So I shall call it a "pattern bunny." I've got major pattern bunnies hopping around my head right now and now I've got to make them or my head will asplode from keeping this awesomeness to myself. Two of these awesome pattern bunnies will probably turn into Christmas presents for Tesla Coil and Russian Spy (yes, I think of Christmas presents this early--I have to for crocheted projects).

The unfortunate part is, I usually dream up my best pattern bunnies when I'm in lab, which is most of my life anyways. So in order to appease the urge to go and start crocheting right away, I have a list of all my pattern bunnies that I add to as I think of them. It's actually really amusing to go back to this list every once in a while because there are some pretty awesome ideas on it that I'm keeping in reserve for the right occasion/mood.

And no, I will not post this list. I highly dislike telling people about my projects before they come into existence.

This doesn't keep Tesla from whining at me to tell her what they are.
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Yay for cookies!

I went to visit K at the apartment he's subletting this summer. He is just learning how to cook, so he made me dinner which was comprised of pasta, beef and cauliflower. In return I taught him how to bake basic chocolate chip cookies.
They were very delicious cookies. I think between the two of us we almost polished off a dozen cookies. I am now happily in a cookie coma.

Amusing stories about gravity and its apparent hatred of me.

So I don't know what I did to gravity, but last Saturday, it really must have hated me. This is what happened, all in one day.

First, I was tidying up our apartment and saw a box on a shelf in Tesla's office. Because it was high up and I am short, I tilted the box to slide it off the shelf. What I didn't know is that there was an iron on top of that box. So in a split second what I see is the pointy part of an iron heading toward my face. I jerked my head to the side quickly, bashing it against the side of the door frame. And then the iron hit me in the shoulder. For a good ten minutes my brain couldn't decide which pain to focus on so it settled for alternating between the two. The lump on the side of my head no longer hurts a week later, fortunately.

Second, I was attempting to carry groceries up the stairs with Russian Spy. I failed to lift my foot high enough, caught my foot on the step and fell, while carrying EGGS. Fortunately I managed not to land on the eggs, but several of them cracked anyways.

Third, I was moving things out of the freezer and managed to tilt one of the many items that had snow and ice crusted around it, in such a way that all the snow went down the front of my shirt.

Sometimes I really dislike gravity.
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Playing Chamber Music is like, the best thing ever.

I actually feel motivated to post something on my LJ again. Even though I was really writing so that Tesla Coil would have something to read. But Tesla's on a roadtrip to, well, everywhere and Russian Spy is in California. So I'm all by my lonesome and feel like procrastinating the lab meeting presentation I'm giving later this week.
Anyhow, events of the last couple weeks:
I was on my way to orchestra rehearsal and ended up walking behind this cellist and violist who were having a conversation about famous cellists and violists. And the violist mentions she didn't know any famous violists. Well I knew one, Pinchas Zuckerman, but felt a little too shy to jump into their conversation. But I did anyways and I swear, it never ceases to amaze me. I'm shy and awkward around people in general, but the minute classical music comes up in conversation I become the most social person in the world. So we exchanged basic pleasantries regarding music and I thought that was the end of it. During the ten minute break we have in the middle rehearsal, however, both of them came up to me, told me they were thinking about forming a temporary string quartet, just for fun, and were looking for violinists. While I love playing in string quartets and haven't done so since high school, as a violinist I find it quite difficult to find violas and cellos. I know plenty of violinists but very few violas and cellos. So imagine my surprise to find that most violists and cellists find it difficult to find violinists! Clearly we should all just get together and talk more often.
Anyways, I agreed enthusiastically, they asked a couple more people in my section and I found myself Friday night reading Dvorak's American Quartet in a group of excited musicians. We played for three hours straight, reading through Mendelssohn and Beethoven quartets. Beethoven's Harp Quartet has a wicked first violin part. And did it again today--just Mendelssohn quartets this time. It's definitely the most fun I've had in a long time.
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When did it become summer?

 So I woke up cold this morning. I'd been dreaming that I was stuck in a blizzard and I had to get warm. Accordingly, I put on my jeans and several layers of shirts to go outside with my laundry. As I stepped out the door, the warm air hit me in the face. Shocked, I said aloud, "It's warm?!?"
Yes, it's warm. It's around 25 degrees (Celsius) outside after a week of being like, 4 degrees. Abrupt weather change is abrupt. Weather here is weird...

Also, last night I decided I need to bake bread more often this quarter. I'd almost forgotten how fun it was.

Of Seagulls and Baking

While I was walking to the practice rooms this morning, I managed to almost collide with a seagull. Fortunately the seagull flying straight toward me managed to stop in midair with, I swear, a shocked look on its face, and make a left turn sharper than I thought possible while flying.

In other news, Tesla and I got invited to a potluck tonight! So I get to exercise my bread/cookie baking skills and share delicious food with people. Om nom nom.

Random Exchange from my birthday party

Russian Spy: K, you need to learn the art of the segue.
K (thinking she means segway): What? I don't have one.

In other news, we're having a potluck with other people and food tomorrow. It will be epic. K's idea, but at our place. It will be the first real party we have here!

I may have misplaced my mind; has anyone seen it?

 So last night I took a midterm that was really a final in disguise. I was able to draw several conclusions from this event. First, panicking is not good for your brain. For example, while I was quickly becoming nervous to the point where I felt like I was going to puke, I could feel all the information I had patiently crammed into my brain desperately fleeing my head like rats from a burning haystack.
Second, you know you’ve been studying chemistry way too long when suddenly in your sleep-deprived, chemistry-overloaded mind, the nitrogen atoms started sitting up on the page and begging you to give them more electrons--during the midterm. Slightly stunned, I stared down at the page, wondering where that had come from, slowly realizing that I had no idea how to solve that problem. Or the next one, or the next one.
Which brings me to my third realization: it is possible to tell the hyper, talking atoms in your brain to shut up and sit still so you can think. Once this was accomplished, thankfully not out loud, I could think through the problems and come up with an answer that may or may not be correct—that is yet to be determined.
Also sort of related, it sucks having rehearsal before a test. This pretty much ensures that whatever you played last will be annoyingly stuck on repeat in your brain during the entire two hours you’re taking the final in midterm’s clothing.